About us

The world is an unkind labyrinth, we find solace in books. My name is Brenda and I am crazy about books. My go-to genre is fiction with subgenres ranging from African, Adult, Young Adult, Historical, Dystopian etc but I also enjoy a nonfiction every so often as you shall soon find out.Stories though, stories are something else now, aren’t they?

Much as I have always loved reading, upto this point finding time to read all the books I want to read has been the greatest struggle of my life, and this blog is therefore a journey for me as I hope it will be for you; that we read more, that we talk more about what we read, that we discover more books, that we have more impactful reading.

While from time to time we may have some things to say about non-book related subjects, this blog will be chiefly about books, the acquisition of knowledge, and reading in general in 500 words or less for book reviews and 600 words or less for opinion pieces. Should a piece extend beyond 600 words, be rest assured we will have a good justification for it, we endeavour never to waste your time. We have a penchant for cursing (as some of you might know from previous blogs and from real/offline life :-)), but we also understand that this may not auger well with some readers’ sensibilities. It is therefore our sole and great act of maturity on this site to (i) keep f and s bombs to their bare minimum (ii) have a disclaimer in those posts where wrapped up in our bookmanic eccentricities we inadvertently slip and fall. A herculean task, but we’ll soldier through.

(I just noticed that I have been using the ‘we’ and ‘I’ pronouns interchangeably, and I don’t know why).

Have a happy reading and feel free to reach us on breecritiking@gmail.com should you have any queries, comments, suggestions, business proposals, or just want to say hi.